DuoLife Prosugar Medical Formula

ProSugar® dietary supplement facilitates sugar metabolism, helps to preserve the normal level of cholesterol, and reduces cravings for sweets.

What's in DuoLife ProSugar Medical Formula? 

  • Chicory root extract helps in the cases which are the symptoms of worsening kidney function. It consists of inulin which supports the regulation of the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. It also supports the function of the liver and gall bladder. Thanks to its rich content of vitamins and mineral substances, it is a valuable component of a diet.

  • White mulberry extract may support a balanced metabolism of carbohydrates in the body. White mulberry leaves extract, thanks to the content of substances that influence the effect of enzymes taking part in carbohydrates digestion, reduces their absorption after meals.

  • Cinnamon bark supports the proper function of the gastrointestinal system. Cinnamon helps to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol, lipids, and glucose in the blood. Cinnamon extract promotes good mood and vital forces. It also decreases sweets craving and detoxifies the organism.

  • Green bean pod extract supports the function of the urinary system and digestion. It has a low glycemic index so it helps to regulate the blood sugar level and metabolism disorders. ProSugar® (patented formulae obtained from the fenugreek seeds (Trigonella foenumgraecum)) thanks to fenugreek extract content this formula is rich in galactomannans, and it positively influences the body functioning and the control of sugar metabolism. It also contains phytosterols, choline, flavonoids, C and B1 vitamins, provitamin A, iron, and calcium.

  • Maqui berries are famous for their antioxidant properties. They contain phytosterols, natural plant substances which reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol. Bioactive components of Maqui berry foster calories burning and prevent compulsive binge eating. Thanks to its high content of vitamins and elements, maqui provides the body with all necessary components.

  • Chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) is called “superfood”. It is rich in fiber which helps to normalize insulin resistance and, simultaneously, reduces the amount of fat and cholesterol in the blood. Chia seeds are also rich in protein and Omega-3 acid which support fat metabolism fostering the regulation of the level of cholesterol. They protect the body against postprandial hyperglycaemia.9-10

  • Galega – promotes metabolism and the regulation of sugar level in the organism. It contains chromium salts that support insulin activity. Its guanidine content helps to maintain the optimal level of blood sugar and decreases platelet aggregation.


Made in: Poland