DuoLife ProSlimmer Medical Formula

ProSlimmer® promotes weight loss and then keeps it on the desired level, simultaneously providing the body with vitamins and minerals necessary for its healthy function.

Thanks to its innovative formula and rich content, ProSlimer® dietary supplement helps to lose weight effectively. It assists metabolic processes, reduces adipose tissue and regulates water balance in the body. It also helps to keep a proper cholesterol level and stimulates the digestive processes.


What's in DuoLife's ProSlimmer Medical Formula?

  • Garcinia cambogia fruit extract – hydroxycitric acid, contained in this extract, stops the lipogenesis and enables the liver to store more energy, and as a consequence, our appetite decreases and the meals become more filling.

  • Açaí palm fruit extract – Açaí palm berries, thanks to their high content of fiber, accelerate metabolism and digestion processes, and they regulate the cholesterol level. They promote satiety for extended periods and help to control and slowly reduce the amount of calories consumed. Thanks to their richness in vitamins, Açaí berries protect the organism from exhaustion in the process of slimming and lower the hunger for sweets.

  • Goji berries extract helps to maintain a proper blood sugar level and fosters metabolism. It has a lot of dietary fiber which regulates the digestive system and improves its function. This extract contains β-Sitosterol, which prevents cholesterol absorption, and unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid and Omega-6 acid, fostering slimming.

  • Barley young green leaves extract live digestive enzymes that improve the functioning of the digestive system, support metabolism, and remove toxins from the organism. Green coffee extract helps to reach the normal weight of the body and supports the kidneys in removing water. This extract helps to control weight and the process of weight loss and reduces appetite. Green coffee helps to maintain a healthy level of glucose in the blood.

  • Chlorogenic acid is an organic compound that belongs to the group of polyphenols. It slows down the glucose uptake to the cardiovascular system. It supports maintaining proper weight and lipid metabolism. It improves the metabolism of macro-nutrients and helps to maintain a healthy level of glucose in the blood.

  • BioSlimmer® – (patented formula extracted from citrus fruit and guarana (Paullinia cupana)) supplements a diet with natural components helping to maintain a healthy weight. It is recommended to people who fight obesity and cellulite, and it provides the organism with necessary vitamins and minerals.

  • Centella asiatica herb extract supports weight loss and helps to maintain a normal level of cholesterol in the blood. It improves metabolism and reduces weariness and fatigue.

Made in: Poland