DuoLife ProSelect Medical Formula

ProSelect® Medical Formula is high in polyphenols, oxindole alkaloids, tannins and sterols, and acetogenins.

ProSelect® helps to remove free radicals from the blood which results in its increased antioxidant capacity. It binds toxins and supports a healthy liver.

ProSelect® dietary supplement contains the patented ProSelect® formulae which is a rich combination of carefully selected natural ingredients, high in antioxidants, which simultaneously supports the immune system and the nervous system.

What's in DuoLife Proselect Medical Formula?

  • Cat’s claw (vilcacora) extract significantly increases the organism’s immunity and helps to restore vital forces. It also regulates metabolism and provides energy for your daily activities.

  • Graviola (soursop) fruit extract fosters the immune system and provides energy to suport daily function of the organism. It has a positive impact on the immune system, it lifts the mood and adds energy.

  • ProSelect® (protected formulae of antioxidants obtained from the mixture of fruit and vegetable dry extract in varying proportions), thanks to carefully selected natural components and its patented formula, is an excellent source of antioxidants and nutrients, supporting the immune system. ProSelect® helps to remove free radicals and toxins from the organism, cleanses the blood and restores vital forces.

  • Reishi extract helps to overcome physical and mental fatigue which improves the mind-sate and reduces stress symptoms. Reishi extract stimulates the immune system and helps to maintain hormonal balance of the organism.

  • Shiitake extract significantly supports the immune system and a healthy function of the gastrointestinal system. It is an exceptionally efficient antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals and slows down the skin’s ageing process.

  • Apricot kernel extract standardized for vitamin B17 - amygdalin - content, effectively supports the immune system and helps to build the natural defense barrier of the organism.

 Made in: Poland