About Us

DuoLife was founded in Poland in 2006. Since then we have expanded to 23 countries, As of October of 2019 we had 87,000 club members worldwide. 

We were delighted to announce in February of 2020 our expansion into the North American market.

DuoLife.Shop is an official partner of DuoLife International and your official source for DuoLife Products in the USA and Canada. 


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Our Mission:

The improvement of life standard and style
of every person we meet.

Our Values:

DuoLife is operated on these core values:

Honesty – it regards us
and the people we cooperate with

Reliability – 100% engagement,
fulfilling our duties conscientiously

Partnership – cooperation, trust
and support

Relations – the foundation and key
element of our existence and development

Personal development – thanks to it, we are getting
better and better everyday

Integration  joint training sessions,
meetings, trips and events.