DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex - 750 ml

DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex - 750 ml

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Keratin Hair Complex is a dietary supplement in a liquid form which is based on keratin from natural ingredients of plant origin.

They are protected by international patents.*


 ☑ Hair loss reduced by 34% after a month of use **

 ☑ Significant reduction of hair loss. 86% after a full treatment **

 ☑ Your hair is 10x stronger and 2x more flexible than before the treatment **

 ☑ Significant improvement of volume and density. XXL for thin hair **

 ☑ Results visible after 3 months of using **


STEP I - Keratin Hair Complex helps hair grow

Black rice and prickly pear extract stimulates hair growth through induction to multiplication of papillary cells present in hair follicles. So-called "baby hair" is the effect.

 STEP II - Keratin Hair Complex reduces hair loss

 Unique composition of ingredients was selected in order to optimise the process of hair stimulation and restoration. All ingredients supplement each other creating a liquid Hair Nutrition Keratin Therapy. The formula prevents excessive hair loss.

STEP III - Keratin Hair Complex adds hair density and volume

Keratin Hair Complex contains Amla fruit which is a source of important vitamin C. The deficiency of vitamin C results in deteriorated scalp condition, affecting the process of hair shaft creation and resulting in hair loss problems. The grape seed extract included in the product influences nutrition and stimulation of hair bulbs. The ingredients determine an improved hair structure and sealing of its protective layer.

Ingredients: guava purée, raspberry fruit juice, black rice and Opuntia ficus-indica flower extract formula standardised to provide anthocyanins (250mg/50ml), amla fruit extract standardised to provide Vitamin C, organic pea sprout extract (100mg/50ml), solubilized keratin (100mg/50ml), nettle leaf extract (70mg/50ml), grape seed extract standardised to provide polyphenols (50mg/50ml), field horsetail extract (50mg/50ml).



* Applicable to selected ingredients.

** The test was performed in the group of 21 people. The verification of effectiveness was checked every 2 weeks of use. The test was performed in a testing laboratory.